Our novel plant biologics technology validates the possible.

Our platform will enable the commercialization of previously untapped molecules—unleashing a new molecular economy.

How we do it.

These five components are the backbone:

  • The cleanroom --a perfected and proprietary ecosystem for growing plants with precision, scale, and with minimum variance.
  • The operating system --an intelligent OS where all the elements are optimized and controlled.
  • The data points----a massive set of data points are generated for research validation and IP.
  • The seeds ---a collaborator's idea that holds the promise,  mixed in with the genetic makeup to make each medicine.
  • The team --our expert hydroponic processing technicians ensure precision and optimization.

Why we do it.

We are transforming the status quo so more medicine can be grown, shared, and produced using molecular pharming. If we can help decentralize drug discovery and production globally for healing and human health, can you imagine the benefits?

The steep prices of biologic drugs are alarming to many patients, physicians, and researchers. It's a bitter pill to swallow for the world when two billion people don't have access to medicine.

In every corner of the world, we envision a Zea Lighthouse that provides a center of excellence for growing therapeutics in plants.

Who we do it for.

For universities, researchers, scientists, and corporations, they get a platform that:

  1. Stabilizes plant growth for the first-time ever
  2. Delivers precision through minimal variation in trial replication batches
  3. Unlocks a depth of rich data collection
  4. Helps validate future research and discovery
  5. Unlocks years of research

For big pharma, they gets access to a novel drug discovery platform that:

  1. Enables much lower drug development costs
  2. Increases development speed
  3. Unlocks a vast selection of target biologics

Over 40 years of plant biologic research.

Years of plant biologic research has been sitting in labs, unable to become commercialized because of the unsurmountable challenges around both production and precision when using plants as bioreactors.

By using the Zea Lighthouse platform, we can deliver minimal variation and high replicability to a targeted expression molecule.

"Using plants to discover, validate, and grow medicines is a decades-old idea that's finally becoming a reality." --Charles Legg, COO of Zea

Unlock the possible

Molecular Pharming represents an unprecedented opportunity to manufacture affordable modern medicines and make these available at a global scale. The area of greatest potential is in the prevention of infectious diseases, particular in underdeveloped countries where access to medicines and vaccines has historically been limited.

--NCBI Education