Our projects.

We are helping commercialize new molecules from 40 years of pent-up plant research by collaborating with world-class research institutions on our platform.

Zea's pipeline is ever-expanding and we hope to profoundly impact human health in such domains of Covid,  Cancer, and Cardiovascular Disease.

Zea Pipeline Snapshot

Our current projects hold promise to help actualize:

A Bio-better for Metastatic Colorectal Cancer treatment

Osteoporosis Treatment

COVID Therapeutics

Rotavirus Treatment

Artemisinin for Chronic Lyme Disease

Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension

University Research Lab

One of Zea's most prominent collaborator institutions uses our Lighthouse platform to enhance their investigation of life-supporting compounds for future outer space projects.

Location: West Coast, US

Target: Maximize nitrogen uptake to produce complex molecules in lettuce for future Mars exploration.

Value: Using Zea's platform to simulate a controlled atmosphere ensures restricted conditions that best validate our partner's needs. As a result, time restraints are easily overcome while keeping data quality integrity.

Milestones: Zea can set the exact level of controls and data collection to support research needs.

+ Simulates desired atmospheric conditions

+ Supports future research

+ Collects data for a large number of variables

+ Reduces timelines for the delivery of results

Solarea Bio

Zea studied the conditions to maximize probiotic levels in edible products with minimal variability ensuring high-quality standards to bring wellness to the world.

Location: Cambridge, MA, US

Target: Restoring gut flora to improve overall health.

Value: Zea is capable of shortening timelines and optimizing methods to grow high-quality products with reproducibility.

Why use Zea? 

Zea's platform is able to set the exact level of controls and data collection to support research needs, which included precision around:

+ Optimizes plant growth

+ Achieves reproducibility batch to batch

+ Supports future research

University Research

University Research:

Zea's Lighthouse platform increases biomarker levels in a controlled and reproducible environment, potentially improving new plant-based medicines.

Location: New England, US

Target: Boost Artemisia phytochemicals to promote better pharmacological activity.

Value: Rapid development plans with a large number of replicates to achieve optimal biomarker levels.

Why use Zea? 

Zea's platform can deliver products having increased biomarker levels with potential advantages during drug development and clinical trials, and:

+ Fast-tracks development programs

+ Increases biomarker levels

+ Promotes phytopharmaceutical alternatives for classical diseases

+ Skilled staff for the transition of research bench to commercialization

Research Institute

Zea took a giant leap towards the future of plant-based products adding a genetically modified plant to its platform. Zea and its collaborators are working together to redefine new boundaries on drug development.

Location: West Coast, US

Target: Evaluate the target enzyme expression in GMO tomato plants.

Value: Zea updated its rules and procedures to become a GMO-compliant facility. GMO plants as bioreactors move Zea to the next level of producing new biologicals.

Why use Zea?

Zea can grow GMO plant-based medicines with agility and in a compliant environment, accelerating research and time through clinical trials. Platform benefits:

+ Easy transfer from  bench to Zea's platform

+ Unlocks potential to target any disease by adding an active molecule in plants

+ Provides ability to grow in a GMO compliant platform

BioResearch Institute

Zea is hunting the most promising active molecules sitting on researchers' benches and bringing them to the next steps towards drug commercialization. Complex molecules and new challenges are fueling Zea's mission to provide technology solutions to our collaborators.

Location: Southwest, US

Target: A biobetter antibody for colorectal cancer.

Value: To produce a highly potent active molecule with downstream advantages for a market of over a billion dollars.

Why use Zea?

Zea can grow plants in a clean environment attaining stringent pharmaceutical standards in a scalable platform. Zea platform benefits:

+ Staff with the expertise to translate ideas to pharmaceuticals

+ Specialized personal know-how to pave the way for drug approval

+ Orchestrating researchers' collaboration to promote the most advanced achievements in the plant-based pharmaceutical industry