Dr. Vincent Ling, PhD


Dr. Vincent Ling brings a rare combination of drug development expertise and scientific knowledge of plant systems to advise Zea towards translational research.

Dr. Ling is a seasoned biotech and pharma innovator with thirty years of experience in the Boston and Cambridge area. He has diverse industry experience that spans biologics, cell therapies, and genetic engineering of plant and animal systems.

Dr. Ling has held leadership and executive positions in leading biotechnology companies, including Genetics Institute  (now Wyeth), Adnexus Therapeutics, Neurotech Pharmaceuticals, and Takeda Pharmaceuticals. Dr. Ling also sits on the scientific advisory boards of industries, non-profits, and academic institutions.

He holds degrees from U.C. Berkeley (BA, Molecular Biology), University of Illinois (MS, Ph.D., Plant Biology), and post-doctoral work at Harvard University. Dr. Ling's passion is transforming research biology into industrial biotechnology platforms.