Jane Lalonde

Chief Marketing Consultant

Jane Lalonde serves as Zea's Chief Consultant and Creative Director. She oversees Zea's worldwide brand, design, and communications. Jane also drives the company's go-to-market initiatives, pioneering new ways to talk about the transformative platform.

Jane is a well-known Silicon Valley brand guru and has run a branding and design consultancy for the last 18 years--where she has helped generate more than $2B in acquisition and investment outcomes. She also currently serves as an advisor to BioCube San Jose, one of the most respected incubators in the Bay Area.

Prior to that, she served as VP of Marketing at several B2B start ups and her early career included brand roles at A-list companies such as: The Disney Company, Time Warner, Virgin, and Coca-Cola Interactive.  

Nominated as "Teacher of the year, " Jane has also taught "Principles of Marketing" as an adjunct professor at her alma mater, Pepperdine University, where she graduated in marketing communications.

Jane believes her job at Zea is to turn the light on and tell a new story of transformation as opposed to disruption. "Not only is it a paradigm shift designed to replace the traditional factory-based chemical reactors with plant technology, it is also the key to unlocking 40 years of research in plants." --Jane Lalonde, CMO