Job Opening

Chief Scientific Officer (CSO)

The Chief Scientific Officer (CSO) will be responsible for overall development of our Research Portfolio. Research is defined as the identification and development of plant-based technologies that have the potential to be developed for the commercialization of one or more therapeutics or value-generating applications. Research includes the period of conceptualization through proof-of-concept animal studies, but prior to initiation of IND-enabling animal studies or scale-up of the manufacturing process. The CSO will be responsible for developing and maintaining relationships with lead investigators and Key Opinion Leaders (KOL's) in the field of plant-based therapeutics and molecular genetics along with researchers open to exploring compound production platforms where plants may present advantages

The CSO will have a strong history of academic and industry achievement including prior experience managing and mentoring more junior staff. They will have a strong network with fellow researchers and be a capable speaker and leader for the organization of events and various projects. The CSO understands the need to evaluate technologies not just for the academic value, but the commercial value and will interact well with other C-Suite and company employees to facilitate the valuation and fit of different projects for the company.

The CSO will have the opportunity to drive the future of the company, bringing together a diverse set of experts and luminaries from around the globe to facilitate our future pipeline. The CSO will help the company to raise additional capital by providing expert opinion and context to future investors, answering technical questions, and providing gravitas in the realm of plant biology. The CSO may have a team or whole department of researchers. In the future, he/she may choose to utilize an outsourced model or adopt a hybrid of the two. This choice will depend upon financial success of the company and the CSO’s vision for the future along with his/her ability to leverage the other pieces of the organization.

Zea is committed to using its propriety hydroponics platform, the Lighthouse, to bring forward years of pent-up academic development in plants where researchers lacked a well-controlled, scalable compound production platform capable of meeting FDA and international regulatory standards for drug development. Zea believes that the Lighthouse platform will not only enable those various programs to advance, but that the relative simplicity, scalability, and cost-effectiveness of the platform vs. microbial bioreactors and human tissue culture cell methodologies can change the dynamics of the global therapeutics supply chain. A single Lighthouse or a suite of Lighthouses can be setup almost anywhere in the world with low capital investment and operated with minimal training by local workforces. Zea is committed in transforming the future of healthcare for people around the globe who currently lack affordable, effective options and the CSO will be a key piece of our success.

Interested candidates should email their written inquiries and a CV to Karen at:

Zea is an equal opportunity employer. It is the company’s policy to ensure equal employment opportunities for all individuals without regard to race, creed, religion, color, national origin, sex, pregnancy, childbirth or related medical condition, age, physical or mental disability, marital status, sexual orientation, gender identity, citizenship status, veteran status, or any other legally protected characteristic in all employment decisions.